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Our Story

Aqabawi is an enterprise that is working with the local communities in the south of Jordan 
to create and develop the cultural tourism experiences, costal heritage preservation, train 
and prepare a culture expert local guides and promote it to those who are looking for 
genuine cultural exchange and a safe engagement with the locals. 
By providing new and different touristic experience and services that highlight the culture, 
environment, and cuisine of each community that Aqabawi works in. 
Aqabawi aims at ameliorating the positive pride in Jordanian heritage - culture, history and 
cuisine and showcasing the high-quality service provision. On the other hand, it provides 
opportunities for economic benefit and raises their competitiveness (increased revenues 
and value-added jobs for the local suppliers by establishing a sustainable business model 
and marketing platform.

A sustainable cultural tourism sector that beneficial to local communities in the south of 

Create and Develop a responsive cultural tourism experience model within the tourism 
sector in Jordan through the good reuse of the local cultural, environmental, and heritage 
resources by local cultural experts that guide those experiences to a positive cultural 

Meet the Team

Aqabawi team is formed from professional experts in the cultural tourism field and experiences developers in the south of Jordan!

Our Art and Cultural experiences providers are well trained local productive Aqabawi artists that want to promote Aqaba's culture.

Mustafa photo.jpg

Mustafa Ajlouni

Founder & Marketing Expert


Hajar Abed Al'al 

Polymer Clay & Painting artist  


Shayma Jundia 

Philography & Mosaic artist


Nada Khater

Origami artist 


Marah Jabr

Drawing & Henna artist 

Hussam Jabari

Colored Sand bottles artist

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